electricity procurement

Consulting Services

Premier Energy offers a full range of energy consulting services to meet your company’s energy needs. We can help you address the challenges of energy procurement and budgeting, and take advantage of the opportunities provided by deregulation of the natural gas and electricity markets.

Premier Energy has the expertise and resources to handle every stage of the energy procurement process. By monitoring the energy markets on a regular basis, we have the most current information on natural gas and electricity pricing – and we can help you identify the energy purchasing opportunities that will bring the greatest benefit to your company.

We customize an energy procurement management strategy to meet your specific needs, as detailed below:

• Analyze historical usage data and develop your energy profile

• Establish your procurement energy strategy

• Implement requests for proposal (RFPs) on your behalf

• Review and negotiate energy supply contracts with your specific strategy in mind

• Act as your liaison with electric and natural gas utilities and/or suppliers for service request, projects,
  and complex billing issues

• Monitor the energy markets and help identify buying opportunities.

Energy brokering

If you prefer to manage your company’s own energy procurement process, Premier Energy brokering services enable you to leverage our relationships with suppliers in your market area and obtain a price to compare to other offers you are considering. Based on our in-depth understanding of the energy markets and our ability to monitor and track energy pricing, we will help identify the supplier who will best meet your company's needs.


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